Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First a Tea Party, Now a Coffee Party

First a Tea Party, Now a Coffee Party

You knew it had to happen, eventually. In response to the Tea Party, a largely conservative/libertarian political action faction that advocates free markets, and small government (except defense spending), a liberal/populist Coffee Party political action faction has formed.

Mar 26 2010 “No Racial Slurs At Tea Party Events” Says A Racist Holding A Racist Sign

Mar 26 2010

“No Racial Slurs At Tea Party Events” Says A Racist Holding A Racist Sign

 Sure, there’s no racism in the Tea Party movement as long as you don’t count racist signs or spitting on African Americans. No racism there.

Tea Partiers Berate Man With Parkinson

Man With Parkinson's Who Was Berated By Tea Partiers: 'I Embody The Controversy' (VIDEO)

The man with Parkinson's who sat down in front of a group of anti-health reform rally in Ohio this week, only to have dollar bills thrown at him by an angry protester screaming about "handouts," tells TPM in a phone interview that he was aiming to present his own body as a powerful symbol of the debate.

Bachmann thinks Rep. Lewis is a liar

Wow. Just wow. Via Steve Benen, who asks:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Michele Bachmann thinks Rep. John Lewis is a liar. Yes, Civil Rights hero John Lewis.
by Joe Sudbay (DC) on 3/30/2010 03:46:00 PM

Oh, Michele Bachmann, is there anything you won't say out loud?

Benen adds:

So, Michele Bachmann would have us believe that John Lewis is a liar. John Lewis, who has demonstrated more integrity, honesty, and courage in his career than Bachmann's limited intellect can even fathom, is deserving of mistrust, because he heard racial slurs and talked about it. Got it.

It is possible that Michele Bachmann does not know about the civil rights struggle in America and the role John Lewis played in it. She probably has no idea that she serves in Congress with a living civil rights legend. And, if she did, she wouldn't care.

Reaping what one sows on the census


Prominent right-wing voices decided last year that the U.S. census was not to be trusted. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said the process could lead to "internment camps." Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) called the census "invasive." Fox News' Glenn Beck's suggested Americans may not be comfortable with "ACORN members" collecting information. Radio host Neal Boortz said some census information is "designed to help the government steal from you in order to pass off your property to the moochers."

Bachmann promotes entitlement programs

Michelle Bachmann calls for the end of expensive entitlement programs while silently promoting foster care and adoption payments.

( - Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) told that 'expensive entitlement programs' [are] bringing our country down,' and Americans will have to choose between surviving as a country or collapsing 'from our own welfare state.'

GOP fires staffer over $1,946 topless club visit

GOP fires staffer over $1,946 topless club visit

WASHINGTON — The Republican National Committee has fired a staffer who helped organize a $1,946 visit last month to a sex-themed Hollywood club, and the GOP says it will recoup the money from a donor who also participated.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Alleged militia members indicted for plotting attack on police

Alleged militia members indicted for plotting attack on police

Six Michigan residents, two Ohio residents and an Indiana resident have been indicted on charges of attempted use of weapons of mass destruction in connection with their membership in a Lenawee County Christian militia group...more

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Al Sharpton Claims American Public Voted for Socialism When Electing Obama

Al Sharpton Claims American Public Voted for Socialism When Electing Obama

What??? Last time I checked the United States was still a democracy with federalistic structures. Maybe he knows something I don't.

Tea Baggers and Coffee Grinders find common ground

The conservatives consider poverty (i.e. moral, financial, social, educational, economical, language) to be grounds for abuse and neglect as justification to remove a child and terminate parental rights.

This thought was put to paper in the form of a poem written by Rudyard Kipling, called "The White Man's Burden." The poem speaks upon the burdens of taking savages, erasing their cultural histories and assimilation.

Then, you have on the liberal side those who believe that the foster care system, complete with all its services and programs, is the only solution to end abuse and neglect which is a result of poverty by terminating parental rights and adoption.

This idea was put to paper by Henry Labouchere entitled "The Brown Man's Burden. The idea was to give so many burdens to assimilate that they would fail and fall back into servitude.

The peculiar institution has been never been dismantled, it lives on as the child welfare industry, an industry without accountability nor transparency, riddled with fraud, waste and abuse, and supported by tea baggers and coffee grinders alike.

Finally, something in common!

"Hell No You Can't!"

Graham tell Beck -- Beck!-- Tea Partiers "get mad" because they "don't like being called racist"

Graham tell Beck -- Beck! -- Tea Partiers "get mad" because they "don't like being called racist"

Share Print Email Coulter: "If all Muslims would boycott airlines, we could dispense with airport security all together"

Coulter: "If all Muslims would boycott airlines, we could dispense with airport security all together"

Bachmann Believes Washington, D.C. is a State

Health care bill should apply to everyone
By Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) - 03/25/10 01:12 PM ET

This week my offices have been flooded with calls about the issue of certain Congressional staffers being exempt from the health care bill, and rightly so.

Doesn’t it seem odd that Democratic leaders in the House were so excited to get the health care bill passed, yet certain Congressional staffers have made themselves exempt to its requirements?

Senator Chuck Grassley explained the division to Politico:

“The new health care law creates two double standards. The congressional staff who wrote the new law exempted themselves from the new health care system, while other staff will be in it,” Grassley said today in a statement. “And, President Obama himself will not live under Obama health care. The message to grassroots America is that it’s good enough for you, but not for us.”...more

I posted the following question for response:

Please clarify.

If Congressional and Executive staff, who are based and legally reside in Washington, District of Columbia (which is not a state) must go through state exchanges for insurance and Washington, District of Columbia is a district, then would it not be logical to go through the federal insurance program?

Bachmann: Channel anger into repeal

Bachmann: Channel anger into repeal
By: Andy Barr
March 25, 2010 01:09 PM EDT

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) urged tea party activists on Thursday to channel the anger they are expressing toward the health care reform bill into repealing the bill and away from attacking Democratic members who voted for the bill...more

Bachmann and Palin Foster Baby LK

Michelle Bachmann and Sara Palin become foster parents to Baby LK.

What is a teabagger?

A person who "teabags"?

Teabagging is a slang term for the act of a man placing his scrotum in the mouth of a sexual partner. The practice resembles dipping a tea bag into a cup of tea when it is done in a repeated in-and-out motion.

The practice has also been mimicked in online video games, as a practical joke, and in hazing incidents. The scrotum only touches the face or head in some of these instances. Teabagging has become more prominent in the media, and the term was used to ridicule those in the Tea Party movement due to its sexual connotation...more

Then "coffeegrinders" must mean...

Send in your definitions of a coffeegrinder and I will post it.

Maddow on Bachmann and Palin

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Please feel free to send me your pics or your any new photo opts and I will post them.

The ominous side of the Tea Partiers' defeat: They really believe their own outlandish rhetoric

The ominous side of the Tea Partiers' defeat: They really believe their own outlandish rhetoric
By David Neiwert Tuesday Mar 23, 2010 3:00pm

I had, in fact, spent a portion of my day among these Tea Party protesters, wandering among them with a video camera in the hours before that afternoon's massive March For America. (And it has to be mentioned that this crowd, of several hundred at best, was utterly dwarfed by the crowd of immigration-reform activists behind them, estimated to be 200,000 strong, a contrast that must -- or should -- have struck some of them as a wee bit ominous for their Beckian claim that "We Surround Them")...more

Four Lessons From The Health Care Fight: A Game Plan For Reform In 2010

Four Lessons From The Health Care Fight: A Game Plan For Reform In 2010

It has become clear that the conservatives in America are determined to do everything in their power to derail the movement for change and reform for their corporate masters. Not since the time of Andrew Jackson following his defeat in the 1824 election has this country seen such a partisan attempt to prevent anything from happening in Congress. There are some lessons in the struggle to pass strong health care reform, and these need to be learned very well by progressives and Democrats if our country is ever going to improve...more

French prostitutes protest, demanding official recognition

French prostitutes protest, demanding official recognition

Updated: Mar 25, 2010 4:40 AM
Posted by Sarah Harlan - email
PARIS (NBC) - Protests are common in Paris, but Wednesday, a protest turned a few heads and raised a few eyebrows.
The city's sex workers marched through the streets of the french capital and demanded official recognition of their status.
Protesters chanted "you sleep with us but you vote against us."
The sex workers believe that recognition of their status would open the door to social security benefits like pensions and better health care.
While the prostitutes demanded recognition, they opposed a plan to reopen brothels, which have been outlawed since 1946.
The prostitutes said it would deny them the freedom to work on their own.

Bachmann Got It Right

Bachmann says she's "like Nostradamus"
Updated: Thu, 3/25/2010 — 10:33am by Devin Henry

Minnesota Republicans Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann told an anti-abortion group Wednesday night that the pro-life movement is in its most pressing period of history since Roe v. Wade. Bachmann also said President Obama's health care reform bill vindicates controversial comments she made during the 2008 campaign.

After the recently-passed health care bill, Bachmann said, "now I look like Nostradamus.”...more
Rep. Michelle Bachmann

Oh my, the resemblance is uncanny.  She does look like Nostradamus.  Wow, she was right.

                                                                                                                              Michel de Nostredame

It was not a brick

‘The BIG Black Lie’ Author Debates MSNBC’s Shuster...

‘The BIG Black Lie’ Author Debates MSNBC’s Shuster on Tea Pa
Uploaded by burghnews. - News videos hot off the press.

He did not throw a brick, he threw a tea bag, so I guess he considers it alright.

I could have made a direct link to MSNBC but I wanted everyone to read the comments on this site.

Congressional Staffers Complain About Double Standard in Health Care Law

Congressional Staffers Complain About Double Standard in Health Care Law

By Jana Winter


Select congressional leadership staffers -- some of whom wrote the health insurance act -- are not governed by new rules governing millions of Americans and the rest of their colleagues on how they buy insurance -- and the special exemption has the Hill hopping mad...more

Now, here is my question: Why didn't they site the source of this information?

I suppose they were too hopping mad.

You said it...

[22:00]audio here

THOM HARTMANN: Welcome back. There's a — an amazing piece of this whole health-care drama, really the Republican/Democratic drama, the Hard Right vs. the rest of America drama, the racists vs. the rest of us drama, that's being played out beneath the radar. And I want to lay it out for you. Because I think it's just a cryin' shame that America is not talking about this...more

We are not talking about this, we are posting it.

Tea bags and coffee grounds

Tea Bags And Coffee Grounds

by digby

I came across this post I wrote some years ago and it seemed to me that it would be a good time to run it again. I'm sure most of you know this stuff, but it's worth thinking about anyway in this age of teabaggers and coffee parties and populist progressivism (or progressive populism)...more

Would you like sugar with that buzz?

Welcome to my new blog.

I came up with the idea listening to some of the most idiotic logic and asinine remarks from both sides of the aisle surrounding the election of President Barack Obama and health care reform.

I have never seen such a movement of hatred and ignorance in my life and this is why I created this blog.

The purpose is to post anything and everything political that is met with pejorative and, for lack of a sugar-coated word, racial attacks. I will be showcasing the tea bags and coffee grinds thrown at people.

"Tea bags", of course are in reference to the Tea Bagger ultra-conservatives and "coffee grinds" are in reference to Coffee Party uber-liberals.

There are two goals I wish to achieve. The first is to capture and deposit all campaign mudslinging and the second is to promote the desperate need for education. If I can accomplish this, then no one will ever reuse tea bags or coffee grinds ever again.

Throw tea bags and coffee grinds in the garbage and not at people.