Monday, August 23, 2010

Michele Bachmann accuses U2 of sinking troop ships

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is giving supporters a mouthful this summer and somehow mega-popular Irish band U2 have become entangled in her "facts". She has been caught on tape confusing the rockers with attack submarines while invoking the memory of four chaplains who went down with a troop ship Dorchester in 1943.

Michele Bachmann accuses U2 of sinking troop ships

She says the Germans used "U2 boats" to sink U.S. ships during World War II. Achtung baby!

German subs were were nicknamed "U boats" because of their "U" classification by the German navy. The U-223 struck the Dorchester off Newfoundland, and it sank in less than 30 minutes. Hundreds of men died. The chaplains sacrificed their life preservers so that GIs might live.

Is anyone surprised Bachmann's mangling military history again? After all, this is the congresswoman who used the failed Charge of the Light Brigade as a rallying cry for tea party victory.

When it comes to a grasp of history, Bachmann still hasn't found what she's looking for.

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