Sunday, January 15, 2017

His Bold Idea: Move HQ to Detroit to Show 'What the Democratic Party Stands For'

A shake-things-up suggestion surfaces as the Democratic National Committee meets this weekend in Phoenix to hear pitches by candidates for party leader.

Phil Angelides: Detroit "rents are one-third to one-half of what’s charged in D.C."
"I can think of no better way for the DNC’s new chair to signal a fresh start than by setting up the party’s headquarters in Detroit, Michigan—not Washington, D.C.," writes Phil Angelides, a former California party chair and state treasurer.
"A little more heartland and a little less Beltway would be good for the soul and perspective of the Democratic Party," he adds Friday in a Politico Magazine commentary, .

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Tennessee lawmaker suggests banning food stamp recipients from buying high-calorie junk, sweets

Tennessee Rep. Sheila Butt introduced a bill Thursday that would ban shoppers from buying junk food with food stamps.

A conservative Tennessee lawmaker wants more government oversight — for food stamp recipients’ diets.
State Rep. Sheila Butt introduced a bill Thursday that would ban shoppers from buying junk food, sweets and other high-calorie snacks with public assistance dollars.
“When you’re receiving taxpayer dollars, it’s not money that you’ve have earned. It’s money that other people have earned and is redistributed to you. Strings come along with that,” the Republican said in a statement announcing her bill.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Women knit pink 'pussyhats' for rally after Trump inauguration

The National Mall in Washington could become a sea of bright pink the day after Donald Trump is inaugurated as U.S. president if the vision of a pair of Los Angeles women is realized.

For two months, Krista Suh and Jayna Zweiman have called on people around the world to make 1.17 million pink "pussyhats" for those attending the Women's March, a rally on Jan. 21 organized with hopes of bringing attention to civil and human rights issues.

The name of the hats comes partly from President-elect Trump's comments in an infamous 2005 tape that came to light during his campaign in which, discussing women, he said: "Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything."

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Trump Decries Civil Rights Icon John Lewis as ‘No Action,’ Sparking Backlash

Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis rankled President-elect Donald Trump when he told NBC News' "Meet the Press" in an exclusive interview on Friday that he does not believe Trump is a "legitimate president." The comment provoked Trump to lash out at the congressman, decrying him on Twitter Saturday as "all talk, talk, talk - no action or results."
Trump's series of tweets criticizing Lewis set off a flurry of reaction on the weekend before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Several Democrats rallied behind Lewis, a Freedom Rider and top organizer of the 1963 March on Washington, calling him an "American hero" and revered civil rights leader. Republicans stayed mostly silent amid the back and forth — the latest to highlight Trump's willingness to take on anyone, from war heroes to celebrities, whom he believes slighted him.
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Obama & Biden - The Shawshank Redemption ending

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Monday, January 9, 2017

Young Russian denies she aided election hackers: ‘I never work with douchebags’

Alisa Shevchenko: ‘I am now de-facto blocked from the world’s major information security market.’

Alisa Shevchenko is a talented young Russian hacker, known for working with companies to find vulnerabilities in their systems. She spends her winters in Asia, meditating and training in Thai kickboxing.

She is also, the White House claims, guilty of helping Vladimir Putin interfere in the US election.
Her company was a surprise inclusion on the US sanctions list released last week, alongside top officers in Russia’s GRU military intelligence agency and two well-known criminal hackers. The company “provided the GRU with technical research and development”, according to the fact sheet released by the White House. No further details were given.
In addition to the sanctions, the US expelled 35 Russian diplomats from the country, and said it would take further, non-public measures in response.

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